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Samantha Welter, MS, ATC

Certified Athletic Trainer

Empowering You to Train Hard, Race Fiercely, and Face the Scary

I'm a mountain biker, a runner, a lover of pencils scratching paper, and scratch made pancakes.  I'm an athletic trainer - a healthcare professional whose expertise is evaluating, diagnosing, caring for and rehabilitating athletic and orthopedic injuries.  I'm an expert in sports medicine.  

Most importantly - I'm here to empower YOU to overcome your pain, your injury, your weird twinge at mile 8, AND create resilience in your body to move more fiercely than before.  

You are WORTH it!  The emotional highs, the feelings of accomplishment, the confidence gained from your sport is a GIFT to yourself.  When pain threatens to take that away, it can be devastating--mentally and physically.

When you feel that pain in your knee on a long ride, do you know what to do?  Do you just deal with it?  Complain to riding friends, follow some peer advice, search Dr. Google?  Have those results worked for you? How much time have you wasted?

Our time is worth too much.  Our bodies are too precious to treat so poorly!  INVEST in you.  I'm here to help you figure out what's wrong, why it happened, and create a solution to overcome this setback.  Bring me into your care team, and together we'll keep you training empowered.

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